Beautiful Alloy Tiaras (042019212)

Beautiful Alloy Tiaras (042019212)

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Category:  Tiaras

Occasion:  Wedding, Special Occasion

Materials:  Alloy

Gemstones:  Rhinestone, Venetian Pearl

Height:  1.57"(Approx.4cm)

Diameter:  5.12"(Approx.13cm)

Stones Shapes:  Round

Finished:  Polished

Tips:  The color of embellishments are shown as picture


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Tailoring Period: 5-6 days. See Details >>

Weight: 150g


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Beautiful Alloy Tiaras (042019212)

Beautiful Alloy Tiaras (042019212)

Beautiful Alloy Tiaras (042019212)

Beautiful Alloy Tiaras (042019212)

Product Reviews

By patricia
2013-10-07 11:34:55
I just want to say that I am very pleased with my order, it was delivered to me right on time, the tiara is very beautiful, and all the pieces were in's also very strong... I am very please with the quality, and I am really considering ordering my wedding dress also from this website!

By Cornelia
2013-07-23 02:46:40
My friends and I just bought them for casual use. So we did not ask for more about the item itself. The money is what we can afford. However, we were happy about getting them and cant believe how much we have spent.