Gorgeous Crystal/Alloy Tiaras (042018457)

Gorgeous Crystal/Alloy Tiaras (042018457)

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Category:  Tiaras

Occasion:  Wedding, Special Occasion

Materials:  Crystal, Alloy

Gemstones:  Rhinestone

Length:  5.31"(Approx.13.5cm)

Height:  1.57"(Approx.4cm)

Stones Shapes:  Round

Finished:  Polished

Tips:  The color of embellishments are shown as picture, Use as many bobby pins as necessary along tiara's end to firmly attach it to your hair


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Tailoring Period: 5-6 days. See Details >>

Weight: 150g


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Gorgeous Crystal/Alloy Tiaras (042018457)

Gorgeous Crystal/Alloy Tiaras (042018457)

Gorgeous Crystal/Alloy Tiaras (042018457)

Gorgeous Crystal/Alloy Tiaras (042018457)

Product Reviews

By brinkley
2013-07-27 01:37:48
this hearpiece is relatively simple and in a clearer colour than the others. my fiance spoke highly of it when i put it on my hair!! it made me so happy!! Thanks for your wonderful product!

By Valonia
2013-07-23 01:19:58
I am glad that you are selling this at half price, I like this tiara for a long time, it reached me today and I want to say this is worth the money.