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Responsible promotion

DressFirst strives to promote products with realistic, credible and reasonable claims. If you believe that the claims in promotion of DressFirst do not meet the above conditions, please contact us through Contact Us page.

Law requirements

Where applicable, DressFirst promises to disclose any relevant disclaimers and announcements that may be required by local law.

Risk associated with products

DressFirst provides customers with the highest quality materials and designs in everything we deliver, and we promise to disclose all the risks, if any, associated with the products in an accurate and easy-to-find way.

Testimonials disclaimer

Testimonials appearing on DressFirst site are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of customers. However, we cannot guarantee the experiences in any case.No compensation was provided for these testimonials.

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The DressFirst site includes links to other sites maintained by third-parties. These links are only offered for use at your discretion. DressFirst does not warrant, and is not responsible for, the product, quality, functionality or overall website content available on Third-Party Site. The privacy policy of any Third-Party Site may differ significantly from the Privacy Notice that applies to your use of the DressFirst site. Please consult the privacy disclosures for all Third-Party Sites for more information.

Affiliations to third-parties

DressFirst is the global leading online retailer for wedding related products and we don't have or imply any affiliation to third-parties on our website.

Contact information

DressFirst provides customers with accurate and easily accessible communication. If you have any questions, please refer to Contact Us page.