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A-linjainen/Prinsessa Lattiaa hipova pituus Kukkaistytöt - Organzanauha/Satiini Hihaton Pyöreä kaula-aukko jossa Helmikoristelu/Kukka(t)/Rusetti #2160

81.49 € 101.43
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€ 81.49

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Hi Dress First

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your high quality customer service and ensuring I received the dress I ordered before the date I specified that it was needed by.

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a relief it was that I came across your website by accident. I was automatically sold by the style and low prices of your dresses that I didn't even think to read the website feedback. You not only delivered the most beautiful and unique dress (have shopped all over Sydney Australia and been very disappointed). I only wish I had found your website earlier to save the money my mum spent on another dress that my little sister didn't end up wearing to her cotillion. The $80 dress I bought from you not only looked and felt better, the number of compliments my sister received, everyone actually thought it was custom made for her.

I will definitely be recommending your website to everyone I know and for any of you out there who have any doubts buying from here, TRUST me not only are the dresses beautiful and very affordable the high level of customer service you get from the staff and communication about your order is much higher and more professional than the customer service (or lack of) what we received from some of the boutiques we visited.

Thanks again!!!

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