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Naisten Aitoa nahkaa Korot Avokkaat Tanssisali Tanssikengät #9731

21.50 € 43.99
€ 21.50

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I wanted to order these shoes a little more than a week ago, but I needed them delivered within two weeks so I wasn't sure I should take the guess. Dress first assured me that they would be delivered on time and they were right. I got the shoes 1 week after I placed my order. (I live in Europe) I was very pleased with the service !
The shoes are very soft and comfortable and indeed fit well. Not so sure if it's all real leather though...but at this price they seem to be good quality for your money. Although I will be able to say more about that once I've danced in them :)

Kommenttisi on lähetetty onnistuneesti! Ole hyvä ja huomaa että kommenttisi tarkistetaan 24 tunnin sisällä mahdollisen sopimattoman sisällön vuoksi.Kiitos kun vierailit!