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Size Chart

Finding The Right Fit

Size:True to Size


Boot Shaft:True to Size

Arch Support:Minimal

For shoe size conversion, please consult our size charts below:

Tabela Konwersji Rozmiar Butów Tanecznych - dorośli
RozmiarAmerykańskiUKAustraliaJapońskiDługość stopyObwód kolana
Konwersji Rozmiar Buty Taneczne Wykres-Kids
Długość stopyCal5-5.15.2-5.35.4-5.55.6-5.75.8-5.96-6.16.2-6.36.4-6.56.6-6.76.8-6.9
Długość stopyCal7-7.17.2-7.37.4-7.57.6-7.77.8-7.98-8.18.2-8.38.4-8.58.6-8.78.8-8.9

Heel Type









Finding Your Shoe Size
  • STEP 1 - Measuring Length

    To measure your foot length, place a sheet of paper on the floor against the wall. Place your bare foot on the paper with the heel against the wall. Mark the tip of your longest toe on the paper, and then measure the length from the wall to this mark. For closest accuracy, do this while wearing whatever socks or stockings you’ll wear with your new shoes.

  • STEP 2 – Measuring Girth

    Take a household measuring tape - measure the widest part of each foot. The tape measure should be placed behind the little toe and over the joint of the big toe.

  • STEP 3 – Select Your Size

    Remember, one foot is generally longer/wider than the other, so measure both feet, and use the longest and widest measurements to find your correct shoe size.

    Review the sizing charts for the style of shoe you intend to purchase, and select your size.

General Return Policies
  • Contact DressFirst.com Customer Service to initiate the return process within 7 days upon receiving your item(s).

    Please note that we only accept products in their original condition, and we cannot process any products that are returned without our prior knowledge. If you wish to return any or all parts of your order, you will need to contact customer service at Contact Us and obtain a "Product Return" form that must be included with your package.

  • Mis-shipped products: Once we have confirmed your mis-shipped items (item shipped was not item ordered), we will be responsible for item exchange and postage will be on us. You may also return the product and get a full refund including postage.

  • Color Errors: If the color of the item received is not what was ordered, you are qualified to get a full refund.

    Please note that we will not accept any returned items by the color difference which is caused by your display monitor or the weather condition.

Specific Policies for Our Dresses

Order Cancellation

We understand that it is a very important undertaking to order a dress for your special occasion, and our cancellation policy was created with bearing this in mind. However, it is important to note that our dresses are made to order, and once the tailoring process has begun the materials cannot be reused. The good news is that after placing your order, there is still time for you to change your mind. For further details, please refer to our cancellation policy below.

Cancellation Policy

  • Unpaid orders will be cancelled automatically after 5 days. We receive hundreds of test orders each day which our members are using to quote certain cart contents and save the invoice for later reference.
  • Orders cancelled within 24 hours of payment confirmation will be eligible for a full refund.
  • Orders cancelled 24 to 72 hours after payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting of the full shipping cost and 80% of the product purchase price, in order to cover the material cost.
  • Orders cancelled 72 to 120 hours after payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting of the full shipping cost and 50% of the product purchase price, in order to cover the material cost and necessary labor cost.
  • Orders cancelled more than 120 hours after payment confirmation will be eligible for a partial refund consisting of the full shipping cost.
  • Once your order has been shipped, it can no longer be cancelled.
  • Orders that are not paid within 120 hours will be canceled automatically by our system.

If you would like to cancel your order, please click Contact Us to proceed.

Returning For Replacement or Refund

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to the DressFirst.com Team. Upon the arrival of your package, it is suggested that you check and make sure the dress has been made in accordance with your order specifications. Please try on your dress as soon as possible without altering, removing the tags, or washing the dress.

If you are returning or exchanging dresses or accessories, please make sure they are in their original conditions - unworn, unwashed, unaltered, undamaged, clean, free of lint and hair and with tags intact and attached.

Defective, Damaged or Mis-shipped Items

You are qualified to get a full refund if your items are defective, damaged or mis-shipped. If you believe your items were damaged during delivery, you must first obtain "Proof of Damage" documentation from your delivery carrier, which needs to be included in your returned package.

Sizing or Fitting Issues

As all of our dresses are hand-sewn and customized, the finished gown may vary by approximately one inch in either direction of the specified measurements. To ensure that your dress will still fit you perfectly, our tailors have created all our dresses with additional fabric in the seams to allow minor size modifications.

Size Deviation

If your dress size differs from the specifications of your order by more than one inch, please feel free to choose from the following options:

You are encouraged to find a local tailor to make adjustments. In this case, we will reimburse you for up to 50% of the product price as tailoring costs. If you choose this option, please remember to request a receipt from your tailor as a copy of it must be provided when requesting reimbursement.

Dress is the size you ordered but does not fit

Please understand that dresses that do not fit properly but in accordance with the specifications you ordered cannot be returned or exchanged.

You can go to a local tailor or a professional seamstress to have the dress re-sized at your own cost:

Please note that if your order specifications differ too greatly from the final sizing request, re-sizing may not be possible.

Color Mismatch

The settings of your computer screen may alter the color of the pictures shown on DressFirst.com . Slight color aberration of your dress and the color shown on screen may not mean that the dress is defective or mis-shipped. However, if you are positive that you have received the item in a wrong color, please contact Customer Service to see if a return or refund is possible.

Return Process
  • Submit a return request at Contact Us to Customer Service within 7 days upon receiving your order. Please include an explanation and photographs stating the reason for your return.

    Please note that returns will not be accepted without prior approval from DressFirst.com Customer Service.

  • Once DressFirst.com Customer Service has approved your request, we will provide you with return address as well as a Product Return Form that must be filled in and included with your return. Please send the item(s) through your local post office within 3-5 business days once you have received the form. Include the Product Return Form with your return. Please don’t use courier agency like UPS, DHL or FedEx to return the parcel as we will not pay for the Custom fee that might caused.

  • Once received at our facility, your return will be processed in within 24 hours. Once your return is confirmed and inspected, please allow up to two billing cycles for it to be credited to your account.

Please note that items returned in unacceptable condition will not be processed as refunds and will be shipped back to you.

All PayPal payment can only refund via PayPal, all Credit Card payment will only be refunded to the original Credit Card.

Women's Shoes FAQs

Buying shoes online means I can’t try them on first. What's the best way to ensure I’ll get the right size?

We carry a wide selection of brands and styles, some of which vary slightly in their sizing. If we know a shoe tends to run large or small, we'll add that information to the product description. We also rely on our customers to share their own experiences, by rating the shoe’s fit. Look for customer ratings on all product detail pages below the description. Considering buying a pair of new shoes? Check out our sizing tips.

If your country is not listed above, please contact Customer Service for details.

1.How do I find the right fit? ^Top

Before You Buy:

  • If half sizes are not available, order a full size up.
  • If you have narrow feet and a narrow-fit isn’t offered, consider going down a half-size if possible.
  • If you have wide feet and a wide-fit isn’t offered, try going up a half size to create more room.
  • It's normal for one foot to be larger than the other; use the measurements of the bigger foot, to determine your shoe size.
  • If you don't know your size in athletic/running shoes, consider ordering a half size larger than your normal size.
  • If you are familiar with the brand, order the same size you usually wear in that brand. The sizes displayed on our site are from the manufacturers.

After Receiving Your Shoes:

  • Try your shoes on with the same socks or stockings you plan to wear with them, to ensure you have a good fit. This could add on another half size, depending on sock thickness.
  • Try on your shoes indoors on a carpeted surface. This will protect the soles of the shoes, in case you need to return or exchange them.
2. How do I know if my shoes are the right size? ^Top

A good fit is when there's no gap between your foot and the sides of the shoe, the arch of the shoe cradles the arch of your foot, your toes have just enough wiggle room, and your heel should fit comfortably without slipping when you walk.

3. How do I know if my sandals or mules are the right size? ^Top

Your foot should completely cover the shoe lining, without your toe or heel overlapping either end of the shoe.

4. I think I have the right boot size, but my heel is slipping. What's wrong? ^Top

Most boots are constructed with a softer heel counter (the reinforced material around your heel). This makes them easier to slide your foot into, but it may cause your heel to slip a bit the first few times you wear them. Not to worry, this is normal. After wearing them several times, your boots should mold to your feet and stop slipping.

5. My feet seem larger in the afternoon. Is this possible? ^Top

Most people's feet swell slightly as the day progresses due to body temperature and regular activity. To get the best fit, try your new shoes on in the afternoon and after a bit of walking or exercise. .

6. How do you measure the heel heights I see on your product detail pages? ^Top

To provide consistent information, we measure all heel heights from a sample shoe size. The actual heel measurement will be proportionate to your shoe size and may vary slightly for larger or smaller sizes. We measure from the center of the heel to where it meets the sole. If the shoe is a platform, that measurement will be noted separately. Measurements are rounded off in quarter-inch increments.

7. Help! My new shoes stained my feet. What's wrong? ^Top

The dye on new shoes will sometimes rub off on your feet the first few times you wear them. This is normal for natural materials such as leather and fabric. It’s not harmful and will come off with soap and water.

Professional Care From Material to Delivery

Material Procurement: After checking the fabric quality from several suppliers, DressFirst.com selects the most delicate fabric for customers. DressFirst.com uses solid and exquisite threads only to make comfortable dresses.

Processing: With the responsible manufacturers and their good manufacturing equipments, the well-processed dresses can always meet customers' demands.

Packing / Delivering: Every dress of DressFirst.com is packed well in the package separately, avoiding products being scratched or ripped. Always choosing the best shipper to make the delivery, DressFirst.com garantees all the customers will receive their dresses in good manner.