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Цвет: слоновая кость

Тюль Свадьба Обертывания #16761


Прайс-Лист : RUB 5 054,60
Цена : RUB 3 609,70
СКИДКА 70% на доставку
Срок пошива: 12-15 дней + Время доставки: 3-6 Дней * Ориентировочная Доставка: 3-6 Дней
* Стандартная Доставка: 5-8 Дней
* Надёжная Доставка: 15-30 Дней



Код Товара #16761 категория Обертывания
повод свадьба ткань Тюль
приукрашивание Кружева Сезон Весна, осень
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Excquisite to look at and is fantastic over the dress. Wash in warm soapy water before wearing to soften it up.

I am THRILLED with my wrap! It looks and fits exactly like the photo, except I ordered mine in Royal Blue, which is a perfect match to my Mother of the Bride gown. Now I feel confident to order more items from DressFirst.com! The shipping was amazing! I paid for the expedited shipping and it was worth every penny. I know we gain quite a bit of time coming from China to the East Coast of the USA, but still, this is very impressive! According to the UPS shipping progress, UPS scanned the package at the Point of Origin, at 1:44PM, 05/14/2013. It arrived at my door; in a town on the Southeastern Coast of North Carolina USA; at 3:48PM 05/15/2013, which is 3:48AM 5/16 at the point of origin. No matter how you look at it, that is some REALLY FAST SHIPPING!! You should know that I don't give compliments unless they are earned. I placed my order on 05/07/2013 and I have my item today! It is beautiful and everything I hoped it would be. I know that it would take slightly longer to make a dress, but I feel confident that whatever I order from DressFirst.com will be handled exactly the same as this order. A very pleasing experience! Thank you very much!!