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Платье-чехол Круглый Длина до пола шифон Платье Для Матери Невесты с Рябь Бисер Цветы #17169

RUB 10 176,26 RUB 14 406,29
  • Хотите, чтобы одежда сидела идеально? Доплатите RUB 1 321,02 руб., и наши портные сошьют платье по Вашим меркам на заказ специально для Вас.

RUB 10 176,26

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I loved the picture of this dress. Due to my body type I needed to special order with my measurements. The fit is perfect! The dress is made extremely well! I am really pleased at the quality of the fabric and the care in sewing. The dress arrived two weeks before I expected it. Great timing and delivery. Now I am ready for this wedding!

I got the dress today. I ordered in red. The dress is stunning. I don't like it however I love it. Thank you very much for your great work. I will definitely come back to this website again and recommend to the others. The service provided during the processing time is spot less. I shorten the length and they checked my measurement to make a beautiful dress! I score 10/10.

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